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Walmart Employee Fired for Preventing Theft: Ethical Dilemma Discussed

“Understand the dilemma a fired Walmart employee underwent when he impeded a theft act. Learn how to handle similar situations and know how to protect your rights.”

Walmart employee fired over filming

Filming Incident

A Walmart employee at a store in Ferguson, Missouri, has been fired for videotaping an incident of shoplifting in the store. The video captured how he tried to handle the situation in a rather unconventional manner.

Unconventional Intervention

It was upon the reporting of this act by a concerned shopper that the retailer was prompted to take action against the employee. The use of a fire extinguisher in the event of theft raised concerns about safety and appropriateness.

Policy Implications

The incident raised debate over the company policies regarding the intervention of employees in cases of theft. While the employees are allowed to report theft, the use of unusual tools such as a fire extinguisher sets a different case of where the line of intervention is and what reaction is permitted.

Stopped shoplifters, got fired

Concerned Shopper

A concerned shopper at a Walmart in the St. Louis area witnessed an employee who took matters into their hands to stop shoplifting. The worker used a fire extinguisher to deter the crime—a really bold move that caught the attention of the concerned shopper.

Apparent Retaliation

Ex-colleagues termed the sacking an apparent act of retaliation for the worker’s initiative to fight shoplifters. This incident has raised many questions regarding what happens to workers who often go beyond their job descriptions.

Consequences of Unemployment

It shares the sad outcome of the aftermath of the termination. It led to the firing of the individual who had served his history in a very loyal way at his store. Therein lays the difficulty employees face to balance their responsibilities with probable repercussions for taking actions they believe in for the good of the company’s interest.

Fired for confronting shopper incident

Challenges faced

Walmart employees find themselves in tricky situations when they try to approach concerned shoppers suspected of shoplifting. Sometimes, confrontation in such situations proves extremely irrational, as this case shows.

One of the stiff challenges facing Walmart employees is ensuring a delicate balance between preventing theft and maintaining customer service standards. The pressure to deal with incidents of suspected shoplifters and still ensure a good customer experience can be too much to bear.

Aftermath of retaliation

The employee’s decision to confront the shopper over suspected theft elicited an apparent act of retaliation from the latter. It is ultimately the retaliation that cost her the Wal-Mart job, thus explaining what lay in store.

In similar cases, others reported that former colleagues were fired after trying to prevent a theft in an unconventional way, like using a fire extinguisher. These stories capture the uncomfortable situations that employees find themselves in when they are trying to add.

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